Within MAT

Emotional support.  We receive and listen to traumatised women and children. We offer rest, advice, advocacy and counselling.

Physical support.  We provide shelter and food through our hostels and medical care through our new clinic.

Spiritual support.  We offer individual spiritual counselling, prayer for inner healing, daily morning and evening devotion, Sunday services through our hostels, chapel and pastoral services in the local community.

Practical support.  We support school education for girls (5-18 years). We offer advocacy and help for all our residents and support them as they plan how and when to reintegrate with the wider community. We do this by supporting further education and by helping graduates to find suitable employment. We also provide training for women above the age of 16 at MAT in life-skills as well as manufacture of textile and crafts products. We then offer opportunities for fairly paid work at our business unit, which supplies national and export markets.

In the wider and local community

Emotional support.  We are able to offer a limited counselling service with our current resources.  

Physical support.  We run a daily clinic at our medical centre with a full-time nurse and experienced doctors. We also run medical camps when we can throughout the year to offer specialised services such as eye- checks and awareness-raising for maintaining good health. We provide some financial support for several  HIV/Aids affected women,  and for families where baby girls have been rescued through our prevention of infanticide initiative. We also provide food and small financial support for elderly people unable to work.

Spiritual support.  We host community days celebrating Christian festivals by sharing food and the Christian message. We provide fellowship, training and financial help for 10 local pastors who offer follow-up visits of clinic patients. In the future we plan to build a church for the local community.

Practical support.  We offer opportunities for fairly paid work in craft production through our ‘Flowering Desert’ Production Unit, education for girls rescued from infanticide, sponsorship for further education/ vocational training, agricultural assistance for local farmers. In the future we plan to offer handicraft training for HIV affected and disabled women.

Medical clinic

Our new medical centre was opened in 2011 to provide a daily clinic for our local community. On our team we currently have a paediatrician as well as a General Practitioner and we run clinics six afternoons a week.

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