We are inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, seeking to live out his teaching and reflect his values.

In 1990 Mercy Abraham had a vision from God of what would become the Mahalir Aran Trust. Today abused women, widows, orphans and others have found refuge and an opportunity for school education and vocational training to learn a skill by which to support themselves and their families.

In Mercy’s vision, God foretold that one day there would be a little compound and land and buildings where she would care for local women and children who had been abused, abandoned and whose lives were in danger. The vision God gave to Mercy was so vivid that when she awoke, she asked her sister to help her draw a picture of the buildings in the compound, and what each one would be for; a hostel for women, a hostel for children, a playground, a cradle home for unwanted babies, dairy and poultry farms, a place of worship. 
With help from John Stott, who met Mercy on a visit to India in 1994 and with interest and support from friends around the world, Mercy continued to pray and follow God’s leading. Years later the vision is not just a careful sketch made in ink – it is an established centre caring for 100 people, transforming lives, building a vibrant community and making changes for future generations.

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